PamKup shopping lista

PamKup shopping lista is a free application for Windows Phone 7 devices enabling smart shopping (hence the name PamKup) by creating a shopping list. This application can greatly help all those who want to monitor the state of balance in their shopping cart, but also allows the planning shopping in the future.

The basic principle of this application is to provide its users the ability to create a shopping list. In shopping list, users can add multiple products, and application create a total sum of the list. In every shopping list user can add an unlimited number of products, unlimited number of lists and shopping lists can be sent via SMS or e-mail.

The product can be dynamically increased or decreased in quantities, it can be switched on and off the list and application updates the total amount of balance shopping list.

The application is localized in English and Croatian language and supports the creation of reports on the five most expensive product in the form of a pie chart.

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